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Orange Hawkweed Pilosella Aurantiaca

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Orange Hawkweed is also known as Devil's Paintbrush, or Fox and Cubs.​ Farmers considered Hawkweed to be a pestering weed which is why "Devil" stuck in some of its known names. Pliny, the Roman naturalist, believed that hawks fed on the plant to strengthen their eyesight. It then became the Greek and Latin name for this and similar plants, called Hawkweed. You can also find yellow Hawkweed (Yellow King Devil) which shares the same medicinal properties.

Pliny Roman Naturalist

It's easy to spot these bright blooms from far away. Which makes it all the harder to resist running through a meadow twirling and singing- JUST WATCH OUT FOR THE BEES...maybe that will be what stops you haha. This beauty attracts all kinds of pollinators.

Hawkweed is ruled by Saturn, so be sure to use with good intentions. It is great for respiratory problems where there is a lot of mucus being formed. It works as a great expectorant. You can make a tincture, or a infusion for this purpose.

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